Heroes Of Ruin Shows Off Multiplayer In New Trailer

The release date of Square Enix's new dungeon crawler Heroes of Ruin draws ever closer, and the RPG giant has been stepping up production of their trailers to follow suit. The latest trailer shows off how the multiplayer will work in the game. Although the entire game will be playable in single player, up to two other players can join in on your game at a time. The drop-in and drop-out process should be seamless, making for an uninterrupted gameplay experience. As other players join and leave you game, the difficulty setting will automatically adjust itself to compensate. 

Players going through the game in co-op will benefit from an expanded array of tactical options, as each character has moves designed to copmlement those of the other characters. The example given in the video is of the Gunslinger class, whose buffing abilities will affect any allies on the screen and whose long range attacks will soften tougher enemies up for the melee and magic strikes of the other two classes. 

The 3DS being a Nintendo console, it's also important to note that Square Enix is taking pains to make the process of getting online and finding other players as seamless as possible. You can scroll through your friends list to find buddies who are also playing the game, and from here you can jump directly into their world. If Friend Codes aren't your cup of tea, you can play with random people as long as your Parental Controls settings allow it. 

Heroes of Ruin is shaping up to be one worth watching for 3DS owners, so stay tuned to GameShampoo to hear the latest.

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