Legends Of Pegasus Trailer Sadly Bereft Of Winged Ponies

No, Kalypso Media's new game Legends of Pegasus has nothing to do with actual Pegasuses (Pagusi?) Instead, the Tropico 4 publisher's newest release will focus on intergalactic warfare on a grand scale. Legends of Pegasus promises to deliver a mixture of turn-based and real-time strategy through which players can command fleets of futuristic warships. These ships will be customizable to an alarming degree if the trailer is any indication. One short scene shows the player customizing a ship using a massive grid of Tetrimino-like shapes, each of which represents a potential latch point for new parts and upgrades. 

While battling, it looks like players will be able to terraform planets to suit their needs. In the trailer, a ferocious-looking lava planet is seen transforming into a pristine, Earth-like planet that could probably hold a lot of life. The potential for terraforming planets seems great. Imagine what you could do in battle if you could transform an entire planet at once. You won't just be using these features to fight, though. Legends of Pegasus looks to feature a pretty intricate city building aspect as well, with the trailer showing players building colonies in the upper atmosphere of a planet.

This game may be sadly bereft of flying ponies, but it still has my nerd senses tingling with anticipation. Check out the trailer below, and look for Legends of Pegasus to release on PCs this summer.

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