Battlefield Heroes Goes Bang! Pow! Straight To The Moon

EA and DICE's free-to-play online shooter Battlefield Heroes will be receiving a significant update today in the form of a new map, new weapons, and new gadgets. The real story here, though, isn't that the game is receiving the update, but rather where the update will take players. Instead of fighting on the boring ground like a normal soldier, the fighters of Battlefield Heroes will be blasting off to the moon. A new map will have players bouncing around in low gravity trying to capture key points. A new base jumping mechanic will be added in as well. This will function similarly to the way base jumping worked in Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3. Players will begin high in the air, and they will leap down towards the surface of the map while opposing players attempt to shoot them down.

Laser and plasma guns will join the arsenal of AKs and rockets. Along with the new weapons comes a new item, the Space Boots. These will allow players to take advantage of the moon's low gravity by performing a gigantic leap through the air. New customization items, such as space suits, will also be available. These updates should be live right now, so fans of free warfare should check in to the Battlefield Heroes servers to begin using this substantial update.

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