Sorcery Trailer Casts A Spell On You

It has been a long time since Move owners have had a reason to break out their glowy wands, but Sony aims to change that with the release of Sorcery this summer. Casting players as a young magician, Sorcery will see gamers creating spells by making different motions and tracing shapes with the Playstation Move. Now that the game is approaching its launch window, Sony has released a new trailer detailing the story and a few of the spells that players will be able to wield.

In Sorcery, the mischievous cat Erline tricks the player character into exploring a dangerous dungeon. In the dungeon, the pair accidentally releases an ancient evil upon the land. Now it is up to them to stop the Nightmare Queen and her legions before she consumes the land in dark magics. The spells shown off in the trailer include a force-like spell used for lifting and tossing objects, a fireball, and a rain of spectral arrows. Check out the trailer below for more details.

Sorcery will cast its spell on retailer on May 22nd, so get your wand hand ready.

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