PAX East 2012 Bioware and Mass Effect 3 Panel Part 2: Extended Cut DLC

Pax East 2012 Mass Effect 3 panel coverage continues from Part 1

Mike Gamble: That's multiplayer for the time being. So Single Player (laughter and murmur from audience). So, Thursday we announced the extended cut. Now, to be clear, the Extended Cut is not a re-imagining of the ending, or a new ending. We are currently building it right now. Our cinematics team are on it as we speak, the writers are heavily involved, and it's coming together. We wanted to clarify a number of things. That we actually answer the questions. We are all on Twitter, Facebook. We have the community team feed us the questions that you guys have. We want to give more closure, answer questions, fill in some of the unknowns, give the players a sense of personalization with the endings, many people mentioned that some of the choices that were within the game are not necessarily reflected in the ending scenes, we're definitely going to focus on things like that, we want to make sure that when you see the ending of Mass Effect you now have the information in the context to feel satisfied. And in general, we really are excited to be doing this. So bear with us over the next couple of months while we work on it, and will it come out free and currently we are shooting for a generic summer release but we are going to put the time and the effort into it that it takes, we are not going to rush it, but it's going to be done well. It's more than just a few cinematic scenes, it's more than just a small coat of paint, it is definitely a considerable amount of content, so we are happy to be doing it. And so with that, I believe Chris, there were some questions related to that.

Chris Priestly: Yeah, we are going to open it up to questions to everybody here in the room, we also had some come from the Bioware Social Network, Facebook, Twitter Feeds, and we know these are pretty popular questions. Hopefully we will provide the answers you were looking for. Thanks question, Mike, you already kind of touched on, is will the new Extended Cut provide new endings to the Mass Effect 3 Franchise. 

Mike: No, no new endings, but we want to provide closure.

Chris: The next question about that, why was that content not in the game at launch?

Mike: You know, the Dev Team stands by what we released in our core product, we are very proud of it (applause from audience), and it was important to listen to the community, and the feedback came once the game came out, and once we were listening, once we heard, then we moved in on the Extended Cut.  Really we couldn't have included it in the game because we didn't know there was such a huge demand for it.

Chris: How does Bioware feel about the response from the fans? (Some laughter from audience(

Mike: That's a loaded questions, any time anyone has constructive criticism we have always welcomed it, there are always a few that are not as constructive as possible, but we honestly don't let it make us jaded, we still understand that there is a lot of valuable feedback to be provided, the team today was presented with an entire book containing feedback, a gorgeous book, and we welcome it. 

Chris: I wanted to add a little bit about this, I talked to the dev team alot, and whether it is support, anger, love or rage, we get it from you fans because you care about the game.  When we get the feedback, the dev team is listening, we are reading forums, twitter, media reviews, and it matters to us, helps us make better games, better DLC.

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