E3 2018 – Nintendo Presentation

E3 2018 – Nintendo Presentation

Daemon X Machina

The first game we got was the mech game, set to a metal soundtrack. We could them darting around, using a wide variety of weapons just going crazy. It did end abruptly saying it was coming in 2019 and is called Daemon X Machina.


The second trailer was for Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It will be getting a mysterious DLC. It showed the it has a release date of Sept 19, 2018. It looks like it will be a lot of fun to play through. It did not give a lot away about what will be in there, but definitely it showed plenty. Expect plenty of play time from it.


Reggie came on after that trailer. He talked about how the Switch was meant to be a system both at home and on the go. He then talked about Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee. He explained that you could transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Go. He told us about the Pokeball Plus, and that it will contain the mythical Pokemon, Mew. November 16th, 2018

Super Mario Party

Another trailer ran for that. It showed up a new Marty Party. It showed the game being played on the screen, but also as 2 Switches sitting next to each other. A variety of new games look ot have been added to the game's repetitiore. Release October 5th, 2018.


After that, we got the trailer for a new Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This looks to be focused on defending the Crests of the World, bestowed by the Goddess. It has a release window of Spring 2019 for the Nintendo Switch.


The next trailer was for Fortnight: Battle Royal. It looks to have more than just the battle royale, having racing with carts and different game modes being available. Like always, it will be free and available now. Reggie came on after that, saying it will release at 10 am today (PDT). He also took some time to thank the Indie developers for their creations. This was followed by a montage of a number of indie games coming to the Nintendo Switch:

Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2 on August 7th, 2018.

Killer Queen Black

Killer Queen Black releases on to the Switch in 2018.

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight arrives on the Switch Today.

Octopath Traveller

Octopath Traveler gets a new demo June 14th. The game itself will release next month, on July 13th. The save data from the demo will transfer over to the final game.

Star Link Search for Atlas

Starlink Battle for Atlas will be releasing on Ocotober 16th. It will have a unique pilot and ship: Fox McCloud and the Arwing. This does look fun. Ubisoft has more information on this particular game.

Smash Bros Ulimate Roster

After a series of trailer, Shinya Takahashi came on to talk. He expressed his joy about seeing people playing the Switch. He thanked the numerous publishing partners. He introduced Masahiro Sakurai. From there, Sakurai started talking about who would be in the next Smash game. They were put in order of joining the series. This game, Super Smash Bros Ultimate will have EVERY Smash Brothers fighter this time. This game will have a lot of unlocking fighters, which have been streamlined. The 8-player battlemode will also return. There were a number of updates to the fighters. Enough so that it merits its own article! There is a goal to bring the game online as well. The game will be releasing in December 2018. This announcement is what wrapped up the main presentation

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