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GameShampoo Reviews – Valkyrie Profile Lenneth on Mobile


There were a number of sleeper hits on the Original Playstation (PSX) and Valkyrie Profile was one of them. Trying to find a copy of the game for Playstation will cost you easily $60-$150, depending on the condition. It is somewhat cheaper to get the port of this game onto the Playstation Portable (PSP) $15-$60. This is a remaster of the PSP port brought over to Mobile devices.


The Story

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth follows the tale of the titular Valkyrie, Lenneth. She has been summoned from her rest by Odin to collect souls worthy to defend Asgard against the incursions that are leading toward Ragnarök. Throughout this adventure Lenneth will not only learn the stories of the Einherjar that she has chosen, but her own as well.


The game has 3 endings that can be found. A good ending (B), a bad ending (C) and the Best ending (A). Each of these have different criteria to be found. The Good ending is found by simply completing the game, sending Einherjar up to Asgard. This ending can be unlocked on any difficulty. The Bad ending is found by doing nothing, simply waiting after visiting the first dungeon. Once again it is unlockable on any difficulty. The Best ending requires specific actions to be taken. This makes it the hardest ending to get and is only available on Normal or Hard difficulty. All 3 are still found within this remake


The Graphics

There are some heavy contrasts in the game about what has been upgraded to high definition graphics and what remains from the PSX or PSP version. The sprites of the characters hold onto the 16-bit charm that they in both the PSX and PSP version. Since this version of the game is port of the PSP version, this means that full CGI cutscenes have been added into the game which were not present in the original PSX version. These seem to have been left alone, not showing any signs of being updated to the more modern hardware.


The problem here some may encounter is the contrast some with the high definition Sprites used for cutscenes and the text boxes because of the smoother edges. This can be a minor thing, depending on one's preferences. The sprites only got some attention when getting their high definition upgrade. It stood in sharper contrast on a larger screen, and you will likely want to be playing this game on a larger Mobile device simply to avoid heavy eye strain in some of the more complex dungeons. Below are screenshot comparisons of the 3 different versions.


Playstation Valkyrie Profile

PSX Valkyrie Profile

Playstation Portable Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth

PSP Valkyrie Profile Lenneth

iOS Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth

iOS Valkyrie Profile Lenneth




When it comes to a game like Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth this a fair bit that you will need to concern yourself with. A number of context sensitive tap buttons will appear on the screen now for you to use. This includes the ever important Spiritual Concentration used to track down the souls of those who can become defenders of Asgard.


The new controls within the game itself are fairly easy to comprehend. You have a digital thumbstick to control Lenneth withing the dungeon itself. Simply by pressing onto the screen with a finger you will summon this control function. After that, you will want to move it in the appropriate direction to move, go into and out rooms, open chests and bags etc.


There are 3 other face buttons present on screen. The sword is used to attack enemies, allowing Lenneth to get first strike on them. The crystal button allows Lenneth to throw a crystal out. This can be used to climb up walls and freeze enemies which will be critical to numerous dungeons, puzzles, and finding treasure. Finally,the Wings button tells Lenneth to jump. Given the strong platforming elements found every dungeon and field, you will be using this a lot.


Along the sides of the screen, you will see 3 additional options: Log, Map, and Camp. Log will tell you what objective you are presently on in the game. Map will show either the map of the dungeon you are presently in or the world map. Within the dungeon map, there will be additional controls, allowing you to better see which layer of the dungeon you are in and figure out the path you need to take. Camp allows you to use the save feature, improve your party members, craft items and many other things.


In combat, you will be tapping the names of the characters to have them execute their attack. You can set the target by tapping the creature. The menu option will allow you full access to a revised menu making for easier navigation.



As from the In-App purchases (discussed below), there have been very few changes to the game itself. The controls have been set up so you can use Touch Controls. The graphics have also been optimized for Smart devices. The ever-common auto-save feature has been added as has a Save Anywhere. The game also boasts that is has partial controller support, allowing appropriate Bluetooth devices so you can have a more tradition experience with the game if desired. You will also have an auto-battle feature in this version of the game (a godsend for those grinding sessions you will likely have). Using one of these will let you control the action directly on the screen. Within a menu through, you will still need to use the touch screen to manage attributes and items.


There are also additional galleries added in this version of the game. You will be able to listen to the various lines that the characters say throughout the game. A theater mode has also been added, allowing you to rewatch cutscenes that you have found in-game.


The In-App Purchases

As someone who played, and beat, the Original game on my PSP as well as on the PSX, the addition of In App Purchases (IAP) is something that makes me wary. These items are the following packages:

Ascension Assistance - $5.99

Combat Companion - $5.99

Completionist Kit - $8.99

All-Seeing - $3.99

All-Knowing - $3.99


Most of these bundles are geared toward making the game a bit easier, giving you more Points to invest into your party members that you will be sending up to Asgard. Thankfully, the game has not been boosted in difficulty, which would be noticeable early on in the game, especially on hard mode. Aside from that, these will unlocks all the movies, voice clips and other items that will naturally be unlocked throughout gameplay pursuing the 3 endings in this game.

The game presently has a $15.99 (US) price tag, which will increase to $17.99 after June 5th, 2018. If you are a fan of the game and want to get it for a modern Smart Device, it is definitely worth the money. There is something to be said for the modernization of the game. It has not lost much of its classic charm. Beyond that, summon your chosen Einherjar and do battle to protect Asgard!

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