Pokemon Go – EX Raid to fight Mewtwo

Pokemon Go – EX Raid to fight Mewtwo

Mewtwo EX Raid

When it comes to Pokemon Go, there is something that takes both luck and a lot of persistence. The EX Raid is that challenge within the game. Raiding at EX Gyms and in parks will go a long way toward giving any trainer a chance to enter into the EX Raid. This is the pinnacle of the raiding content available in Pokemon Go and it offers a great challenge.

Gathering the Forces

When it comes to raiding, there are numerous platforms that Pokemon Go Trainers use to coordinate with each other for an event like this. Our team was using the Discord server for the area. It is through this same service that we will occasionally run out of the office for a lunchtime raid (with the understanding that food/libations are to be brought back). While we are a small number of people, taking on Mewtwo with certainty is something beyond us.

How each server is set up can vary, but there is usually a channel dedicated to the EX Raids themselves. When it comes to “registering” for this via the channel, take the time to read the pinned notes (or FAQ). Set yourself up for the channel and give the needed information. Ours required setting up your Nickname to show your team and trainer level. For the event itself, we had to state our location and time. This will give the event coordinators all the information they need. We also RSVP'ed since our server offered it for the EX Raid just to be sure we could easily find the event among the 3 EX raid groups.

Preparing a Team

When it comes to fighting Mewtwo, it is a bit of a challenge. Dark, Ghost, and Bug are the best types of attacks to use. You want something that will resist the Psychic, Dark, or Fighting-type moves that Mewtwo will use.

Mewtwo makes a great counter to itself. It is known to be the strongest Pokemon within the game at present. Mewtwo will do heavy damage and take a lot of hits to fall against itself. It is mentioned here simply because there is no assurance anyone will have one. This requires having completed an EX Raid beforehand and a successful capture.

Tyranitar is the best Pokemon here, just be aware that a Focus Blast Mewtwo can KO one in a single Focus Blast. The 4x weakness mixed with just residual damage from its fast attack is simply too much. But that is a corner case more than anything. Queue up your Tyranitar in front if it is a Focus Blast Mewtwo.

Houndoom is another great Pokemon to use here. It is best to see this Fire/Dark Pokemon as a Glass cannon. It can do heavy damage, but it will drop very quickly from the hits it takes. It is second or third in terms of doing great damage against Mewtwo, excluding Mewtwo against itself.

Gyarados, unsurprisingly makes an appearance here. It has the bulk and the attacks to be very effective here against Mewtwo. Equip it with Bite/Crunch and then attack relentlessly.

Dragonite also makes an appearance here. Between its high attack and bulk, it also has a lot of endurance to make it a good length of the battle. Fast attacks and long charge moves will go a long way to do heavy damage.

Finally, Gengar. This Pokemon shows what the term “Glass Cannon” refers to against Mewtwo. It's Ghost/Poison typing leaves it very vulnerable to Mewtwo. Still, having a Gengar with Ghost and Dark-type moves should just attack. Do not attempt to dodge, just endlessly attack to do an astounding amount of damage in a fair short period of time.

Pokemon like Scizor, Pinsir, Shiftry, Crawdaunt, and others with Dark, Ghost or Bug typing will do well in the fight. Just be sure to take a little time to shift their moveset, if needed using the TMs, to have favorable moves.

The Day of the Raid

The day of the raid, be sure that you have set things up so you can make it to the raid. Expect it to take only 5-10 minutes to get through the raid and capture Mewtwo. You will want a minimum of 6 people to have a chance against this Pokemon. More just makes it easier to defeat Mewtwo and speeds up the raid, giving you more time to attempt the capture. Giving yourself 30-40 minutes for the raid is not unreasonable.

Mewtwo EX Raid

Having signed up with a group to raid, they will separate and assign times based on the in-game teams. Make a note of which time slot that you have. Our own shifted its time a few times leading up to the event. Be sure to RSVP (if available) and double check the day before, the day of and at least a few hours before the raid. It is not very common that this will happen, but it is a good precaution to follow regardless. Remember that the EX Raid will only last 45 minutes from when it starts.

Try to get to the raid site 5-10 minutes early. This helps ensure that you can settle in and coordinate with the necessary people. Go ahead and meet up with the Raid Group that you RSVP'ed with. When your group's time comes up, jump into the raid gym and begin. Going with the auto selection will help ensure that you have a good team against the Mewtwo you are facing. Still, replace who you need with your Pokemon you have prepared for this battle. Be sure to also consider weather conditions to get some extra damage to your team. This first team is going to be the one you can put the most thought into.

Mewtwo EX Raid

Fighting Mew Two

Mewtwo EX Raid

Mewtwo itself is never going to be a pushover. Its fast attacks are Confusion (slow but hard hitting) and Psycho Cut (fast but low damage). Its charged moves are Psychic, Focus Blast, Hyper Beam, and Shadow Ball. Again, how much these attacks can do will change based on the weather.

Shadow Ball is considered the easiest of its moveset to deal with because of the resistance that the above counters, and many others, have against it. Hyper Beam is the medium difficulty move set to take on. Tyranitar is very useful here along with all the other counters. Focus Blast should be considered the hard difficulty raid for Mewtwo. It can demolish Tyranitar, but most counters can have a chance against it.

If Mewtwo does make it through your whole team, you will want to rejoin quickly. Your second team should be the auto-selection (just replacing any Blisseys for something more damaging). It is not until the third team that Blissesy is remotely suggested because of its low attack.

Bringing the Pokemon Home

Mewtwo EX Raid

Mewtwo has a high capture rate, for a legendary, but there are still 2-3 people who will not get the Pokemon. You will want to use a combination of the Nanab Berry and Golden Razz Berry to help capture this Pokemon. Start with the Golden Razz Berry and wait for Mewtwo to attack and watch its arm. Just as the arm settles back at its side is when you will want to throw. Aim for its neck as best possible. Still, connecting the ball to the Pokemon remains the most important part of this attempt. Beyond that, take your time with your throws and use the methods that are most comfortable for you.



For those interested in knowing how the potential of Mewtwo, the Maximum CP in normal weather is 2275. In favorable weather conditions, the Maximum CP is 2844. These are during windy, foggy, or cloudy hours. Remember that the weather refreshes on the hour!




The EX Raid is a great challenge to participate in. It was well worth all the effort and time invested in getting an EX Raid pass. Taking home a Mewtwo after all our efforts was well worth it. Many Rare Candies and no small amount of Stardust is getting invested to maximize our captures. It already has become a staple of our team for capturing Gyms. It will be able before we can do another EX raid, so we will get the most we can out of this one!


Mewtwo EX Raid


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