Pokemon Go - A Legendary Raiding Guide

The Raids of Pokemon Go are a very fun challenge. Some of them can be defeated by an individual, namely the difficulty rating 1-2, depending on your team. But when it comes time to take on the Legendaries, you are going to need more than just yourself and the odd person you can come across while walking around. With just a few days left of the Legendary bird: Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres and Lugia, it is important to make sure everyone knows everything they can to get these limited time Pokemon!

First, find the reliable channel for Pokemon Go raiders. Many people are using Discord and Slack for this. The website/app hybrid allows for people to coordinate quickly and effectively. There will be people calling for RSVPs to help make sure that there are enough people for any of the Legendary that appear. If you are close to a raid event, feel free to post about it to your channel. Join the channels that are in your area or within a comfortable range that you can easily travel.

When it comes to fighting the Legendary, what you do is determined by how many people are in your raid group. At the start of the raid, focus solely on dealing damage. When in a large group and getting low on Pokemon, if the Raid target is in the red and most of the group is fine, just focus on dodging. If you are knocked out, especially if the Pokemon is in the red, just wait in the raid lobby for the raid to finish. Be sure to communicate this with the rest of the team. In smaller groups, you should very quick to rejoin the battle. This will also have you needing to work more closely with your group.

Now, let is talk a little bit about your team. The Pokemon that work best against the Legendaries are commonly called Counters. This term is derived from the Pokemon games terminology. Golem and Tyranitar are among the best choices to go up against most of the Birds. They both have moves that will do super effective against the birds to aid your raid team. After that, it is using Pokemon that both resist the moves that the Legendary is using and have moves that are super effective against them. For Articuno, Omaster, Moltres, Typhlosion, Flareon, Arcanine and Scizor are recommended. Multiples are recommended. For Zapdos; Piloswine, Dragonite, and Rhydons are helpful. For Moltres; you want Omaster, Vaporeon, Dragonite, Kingdra, Gyarados. For Lugia, you will want to have Tyranitar, Zapdos, Articuno, Gyarados, Omaster, Jolteon, Dragonite and Golem. Mewtwo, while unreleased at time of writing, his moves are known. After Tyranitar, you want Lugia, Snorlax, Houndoom, Scizor or Pinsir with Bug moves. Pay attention to the typing to gain the edge as best you can. These are the foes that your best Pokemon should be fighting against.

The Rewards vary a bit in terms of what you can get: The Premium Balls and the items. The most Premium Balls can be gotten when your Team is the one who did the most damage to the Pokemon. The number of balls can be determined by what team holds the gym and what team has done the most damage. This can give you up to 14 balls to use. What you get can be determined by how many Premium Balls you get. The least number of balls you can get is 6. This will get you 5 bundles of rewards. 7 balls get you 6 bundles. 8 and 9 balls get you 7 bundles. At 10 balls, you get 8 bundles. 11-12 balls gets you 9 bundles. Finally, 13-14 balls gets you 10 bundles.

You can get Fast and Charge TMs, which allows you to change the move that a Pokemon knows in that move slot to another random move it can learn. It can relearn the move it knew because of this, but it does go a long way to help perfect your raiding team as well. You can also get Rare Candies. These items are very useful because when used on a Pokemon, they will become that type of Candy. This can be great for any Pokemon that is just a few candies shy of being able to level up again or evolve. You can also get Golden Razz Berries. Much like Razz Berries, this help improve the odds of catching a Pokemon. The difference is in how effective the berry is. Finally, you can get Revives, Max Revives, and Potions as well.

When it comes to catching these Legendaries, things are bit different from the usual approach with a berry and a curve ball. First, there is Berry Stacking. Taking advantage of the fact the Pinap Berry can last 2 turns, you can add a second berry onto it with a Razz Berry or Golden Razz Berry. These can stack together for a number of throws, but each throw will have to at least connect with the Legendary you are trying to catch. The second change, which can be a bit more difficult is that straight throws are recommended for going after the Legendaries. The curve ball bonus does not seem to stack onto this nearly as much. They still have a low catch rate, so expect to use most of the premuim balls in a catch attempt. There is always the hope of a critical catch at least.

There are still some supplies that any Pokemon Trainer would want to bring along though. A Charge pack is universal equipment for any Pokemon Go player. Having a few charge cables (Lighting and Micro USB are very commonly types) can help a lot to ensure everyone can enjoy the raid. Of course, be mindful of your surroundings. Help out when you can if you want. Be sure to know if it is a public group or private. Private is more common for challenging raids like Lugia. Most important, enjoy running the raid event with people. You can meet new people who live around you.

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