Pokemon Go – Daily Streak “Quests”

Pokemon Go – Daily Streak “Quests”


A few weeks ago, an update to Pokemon Go introduced “Quests” to the game. It is hard to call them quest because they are simply maintaining an activity streak. This does make the game a bit easier in ways. You have a little more incentive to play a short while each day. These seem to focus some on making sure that players can do more with their daily play session. Because these rewards are once a day, they do not encourage a longer play session. These daily rewards reset at 12:00 am each day.


The Daily Catch

Everyday you were catching Pokemon. Now, the first Pokemon you catch will award you with a 500 Experience Bonus and 600 Stardust.


If you can maintain the streak for a week, you are awarded 2,000 Experience and 3,000 Stardust. You will still get the 500 Bonus Experience as well for the Seventh Day for a total of 2,500 Experience on that day.


The Daily Spin


Going to PokeStops is an integral part of this game to begin with. They are how most of us maintain our supply of Poke Balls, Revives, Potions, Eggs and Berries. Now, for the first PokeStop Spin of the day you will be rewarded with 500 Bonus Experience and a number of extra items (3 items or more).


If you maintain the streak for 7 days then you will get 2,500 Experience and a large number of items as a bonus.

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