Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo – Getting Everything Out of the Demo

Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo – Getting Everything Out of the Demo


The Pokemon Sun and Moon demo is now available through the Nintendo E-Shop. Anyone interested in Sun and Moon should take the time to download it and try it out.


The game itself offers some great new looks into how things have changed for the overall progression of the game. The trials that you will be dealing with will be coming in a variety of forms. This promises to be more interesting than what has been seen in previous generations. The addition and usage of Z-moves and Alolan Forms already offers something very different from what we have seen Pokemon games previously.


Unlocking the Goodies for Pokemon Link


Ash-Greninja: Complete the demo's story.


This is something that can be done in 20 minutes or less. You just need to complete the trial found at 10 Carat Cave.


The Greninja will transform each time it defeats the first Pokemon of a team in battle. This can only be triggered during trainer battles for the demo. This transformation increases the power of Water Shrueiken.




Clear the Pokemon Capture Challenge. You need to catch the majority of Pokemon using the Poke Balls provided. Be sure to visit the Item Shop which is opened after you clear the demo's events.


To access the challenge, head to Ten Carat Hill and then summon your Poke Ride. Go to the right and break through the rock there. Talk with the man beyond it to begin the challenge. He will give you 18 Pokeballs, 3 Heal Balls and 1 Great Ball. Use the Heal Balls when your Pokemon are low on health since you cannot leave the challenge area. These will give you fresh Pokemon for the challenge without having to depart. All Pokemon caught during the challenge will be released after it.


During the challenge, you will hear the man call out prompts after you catch a certain number of Pokemon. At 3 you have earned the Nugget.


3 Stardusts


Clear all the rocks in Mahalo Trail. Having cleared the Demo you will be able to Summon a Poke Ride from a Tauros. Simply have it run up and through the rocks. It will take you a few minutes to complete, if that.


Head to the right from the Pokemon Center in the Hau'oli City and speak with the Woman on the left-hand side of the road locked by Slowpokes.,


Star Piece


Defeat all trainers in 10 Carat Hill. There are 3 trainers found on Ten Carat Hill.


The trainers are

1)Lass Ellie with her Pikipek (lv. 36) and Rockluff (lv. 36).

She is the first trainer you will encounter going straight forward.


2) Rising Star Ikaika: Pikipek (lv. 36) and (lv. 36)

He is found by going through the patch of grass past Ellie and using your Poke Ride to break the rocks there.


3)Ace Trainer Sheri: Jangmo-o (lv. 38) and Pikachu (lv. 42)


The Daily Triggered Events


These events are triggered after you have started playing the demo. You cannot manipulate the days using your System Settings.


1 Day – The man just next to the Pokemon Center. He will give you 10 Pretty wings.


5 Days – The woman at the corner nearby the Hau'oli City Hall. She is across the street to the left. She is in the bottom left part of town.


12 Days – The man inside the City Hall. Go to the left, past the circular couches with a tree in the middle. He is going to be celebrating his Pikachu's birthday.


18 Days – Hau'oli Marina, found in the bottom right part of town, talk with the Police Officer there to help him with the deal. He is across from the entrance to the ferry terminal.


24 Days – Go inside the ferry terminal, found in the bottom right part of town. Talk with the woman in the middle of the terminal and tell her you will meet with her in 24 days.

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