Pokemon Go: Egg Hatching

Pokemon Go: Egg Hatching


With Pokemon Go having been out for some time, people have had time to experiment with various methods of hatching the eggs and how to do so with the best possible speed. This is what we have learned and confirmed about the Game and how to maximize your egg hatching.


Incubators for Hire


You are given limited use Egg Incubators at particular levels as your Trainer Level increases (Levels 5, 10, 15, 20, etc). Use these Incubators on your high distance eggs (5 or 5 km eggs). It is better to use the one infinite use Incubator you receive for the 2km eggs so you do not burn through your Incubators.


Speeding up the hatching


When it comes to travel, the app can be a bit sensitive. It actually does periodically check your location to determine just how far you have traveled. It will not register speeds above 12 mph/20kmph. It does make it fairly viable to do this while bicycling, walking, jogging or running.


This makes it more difficult to speed up hatching the eggs while driving. If you want to do that, drive in residential areas you are allowed and have someone else minding the app. Your job is driving not catching Pokemon.


Going the Distance


For those who thought that going round and round in circles worked, not so much. The distance is measure in distance traveled in lines. So, walking several blocks in a straight line will do much more for making progress than walking in any number of circles … or attaching your phone to a fan … or a model train. These methods do work, but the gain will be very minimal.


Measuring the Distance


The eggs come in 3 distance categories: 2 km, 5 km and 10 km. For those less familiar with the metric system, this is the translation:


2 km = 1.24 miles


5 km = 3.1 miles


10 km = 6.2 miles

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