Pokemon Go: Tracking Down Pokemon

Pokemon Go: Tracking Down Pokemon

 Pokemon Go Nearby

Tracking Pokemon is a vital skill for everyone who plays Pokemon Go. Thankfully the game gives you a useful tab, Nearby, in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. This will display the local Pokemon in your vicinity. Using this feature you will be able to track down and capture Pokemon.

 Pokemon Go Wild Pokemon

Tracking the Pokemon using the Nearby feature does take a bit of practice. First, you need to know how often it refreshes. The radar seem to update somewhat infrequently with the pings that it emits. Most accounts place it around 5-8 pings. This does make it a little more difficult. The Pokemon in the Nearby tab are organized from closest to farthest. Starting in the top left is the closest Pokemon and in the bottom right is the farthest Pokemon


When a Pokemon has no footprints next to it, you are within range to potentially find it. This can take a while depending on the servers and location of the Pokemon. Tap on the screen once in a while to encourage the Pokemon to reveal itself.


Pokemon Go Nearby 2


Using the Nearby tab, you can tap on a specific Pokemon. This will have them appear in the Nearby tab instead of its showing 3 of the closest Pokemon. As you walk about, you will see the number of Footprints decrease as you head in the direction that Pokemon is. As you get closer, watch the Nearby Tab. There will be a green pulse that periodically emerges. This will help you get your bearing. It will only appear when you are facing the right way. The closer you get along the proper facing the more frequent the pulse will get.

Your Trainer Level is the primary factor that will determine what level of Pokemon you can encounter. The lower the Trainer Level, the lower CP you will find. The higher the Trainer Level, the more CP Pokemon will have.


Three-Footprint Glitch - Most games are affected by this glitch currently. All Pokemon will always display 3 footprints. This makes it significantly harder to track a Pokemon. You must count on using the Nearby tab itself to track your target. You want to get whatever Pokemon you are look for into the Top Left Corner of the Nearby tab. Once it is there you need to take your time to continue moving, slowly, in the same direction. Having a friend to help here can be immensely helpful.

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