GameShampoo Staff Picks of 2015

If there is one thing than getting the Editor in chief to make a Top 5 list, it is getting the entire staff of a Video game publication to do the same thing. Some of these choices involved a number of game matches to resolve all the tied votes for the higher rankings. Then there were the wrestling matches, drinking games and an official arbitrator that had to get involved. No games that appeared on the Editor's Choices could be present here.


This does not reflect the stance of GameShampoo or any affiliated website. It is the personal take of those who work for the website.


#5 Rocket League

Rocket League Title.jpg 


If there is a kind of game that is hard to go wrong with, it would involve RC cars, crazy stunts and soccer (or football everywhere else aside from the USA). Giant arenas, crazy, near-defying physics saves, rocket boosters, jumps, multi-level places and balls that explode when they get in the goal.


Did we mention a variety of game-play modes? Soccer and hockey, team play, solo play and so much more. You can customize the design of your car to an amazing degree. Watch clips of it with enthusiastic soccer announcers to get blown away by how well it fits with it. This is a great time with friends and just as much fun with strangers. Take your time to learn the various tricks and it will not long before you can do some very amazing stunts.


#4 Pillars of Eternity

Pillars of Eternity Title.jpg 


If you like more classical RPG games (like Balder's Gate and Neverwinter Nights),top-down isometric maps, mixed in with the real time strategical combat of today with a wonderful pause feature to help you manage everything. This is your kind of game. It brings a lot of the good things back with a few modern improvements to make it even better.


While there are not cutscenes, there is a lot of good writing and the premise can carry the game easily to its full run time. This is definitely part of the revival of the 1990's style of RPGs that have come out in the last couple years. This one stands well appear with Obsidian behind it and their Infinity Engine.


This game holds very well to the 1990's style. You can build most kinds of characters for this style of game. It is definitely worth the time and investment it takes to really sink into the game. There is just that much you can do.


#3 Ark: Survival Evolved

Arc Survival Evolved Title.jpg 


If there is something that is very easy to get wrong, it is Dinosaurs. But if done right, you can have a great game. Being able to tame and raise a number of them, build fortresses, craft armor and enjoy a number of MMO aspects. You can breed them as well. Collecting a number of samples lets you improve them over time and makes it easier to tame yet more. Bonus points for literally throwing the character out onto a beach naked and then giving you the tutorial to learn more about how the game systems work.


This is a very grind heavy game. Expect to easily put in 30-100 hours to get things stable and start building up a safe area. There is a lot to this game. Expect to do plenty of research and learn a lot while you make your way across the islands and explore everything this game has to offer.


#2 Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Witcher 3 Title.jpg


While a slower start the other Witcher games, this game is hardly wanting for much. It expands greatly on what the other two Witcher games have built. The world itself is massive. This is the kind of game where the mini-map is a great boon and one of your best aids when you are trying to find your way around. You will find the skill trees have plenty to build toward any number of play styles. In addition, while numerous parts of combat have been streamlined, a great deal of depth has been added. Magic is much easier to use on the fly and can a much greater variety of effects. Careful use of it can be just the thing to let you decimate foes quickly.



If the plot of the main quest gets a bit dry, you can find plenty of relief through the side quests and monster contracts. This is where a lot of the fun can be had and helps build a very new world for you to explore. The Ciri sections add plenty and gives you something of a break from Geralt if you need it.



#1 Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Title.jpg

When it came time to decide on what game was number one for the staff, we have to pry them away from it to agree. That is Fallout 4.


The plot is fairly straight forward but it does introduce enough interesting characters that you can feel the companion mechanic fits quite well. It has been refined plenty from its previous iteration in Fallout New Vegas. The addition of Companion related perks makes things even more rewarding to be traveling with them. The settlement building just makes things that much more interesting. You can easily sink time into crafting and expanding your settlements to find a great number of rewards. So much gets you experience. It has very rare to have a play session and not make some sort of progress. It could be finding more locations in the Boston Commonwealth, building the relationships with your Companions, constructing your various settlements or any of a number of things.


The biggest change, and most welcome, is that to the VATS combat system. Before, it would stop time while the Vault Dweller would select their actions and take aim. Not any more. Now, time continues to move, just very slowly. Durability has been completely removed as well. That 10mm pistol you find could be your faithful sidekick from the start of the game to the end of it.


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