Fable Heroes Launch Trailer Comes Out Swinging

Fable Heroes is a game born of unique circumstances. Instead of being focus tested and created for the specific purpose of being release on the Xbox Live Arcade, like most projects for the service are likely to begin, Heroes was born out of a Lionhead Studios game jam (no not the Molyjam.) These little sessions are typically held within the studio and serve to emphasize thinking outside the box and making what you can with what you have. This is the first game created in such a meeting at Lionhead Studios to see actual release.

That release just happens to come today, and publisher Microsoft has released a trailer to celebrate that fact. Releasing as part of the Arcade NEXT promotion, Heroes is a four-player co-operative brawler with an emphasis on cute visuals and a board game-styled overworld. Check out the trailer below for more details, and check out the game (or its demo) now on XBLA.

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