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portal 2 which mode is more fun coop campaign or single player campaign?

+12 votes
asked 8 years ago in GeneralGeneral by anonymous  

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16 Answers

0 votes
Best answer
If you've beaten single-player than co-op is a nice change. I like co-op more because you get to play with your friend. Unless they're an idiot...
answered 7 years ago by AnswersByNeo Newbie (196 points)   1
+1 vote
I say you do SP first, then do Co-op with somebody
answered 8 years ago by giantenemycrab0 Adept (824 points)   1 4
+1 vote
I would say single player campaign so you know how to use the portal gun,etc
answered 8 years ago by dark788 Soldier (2,610 points)   7 15 36
+1 vote
If you are looking to play at your own pace, with puzzles that don't require cooperative play to complete, the single player campaign is good to play.

Co-op is a great alternative, if you have a willing friend who can solve puzzles and wants to play.
answered 8 years ago by ashrua Journeyman (643 points)   8
+1 vote
Coop mode is more fun cuz you can play with a friend
answered 8 years ago by drakaenae King (41,339 points)   5 9 79
+1 vote
If you're gonna do co-op, make sure it is someone who you can talk directly to / get along with.


To me, they are both fantastic (from what I've played)
answered 8 years ago by KOWguy Newbie (179 points)   1
+1 vote
In my opinion, the coop campaign is more fun because you get to play with another person whom may or may not betray you. :D I would definitely play the single player mode first though so you can learn all of the puzzle elements.
answered 8 years ago by BobDorian Hero (3,769 points)   2 7 34
+1 vote
I like the co-op more.
answered 8 years ago by Vybo Rookie (202 points)  
+1 vote
Both are fun. But playing with a friend can be frustrating if you don't know him and you don't have a mic to communicate with him.
answered 8 years ago by xboxer King (32,462 points)   6 11 48
+1 vote
I would do single player first because there is a story but after your done with that grab a friend and play co op to challenge yourselves
answered 8 years ago by djs Soldier (2,570 points)   3 10 39
0 votes
What do you like? Storyline, or going idiot with a friend :D
answered 8 years ago by ketjatekos Journeyman (639 points)   7
+1 vote
I like co-op more because you can do it with friend
answered 8 years ago by Haloweeboe Champion (5,146 points)   2 8 19
0 votes
I really liked portal 2 co-op me and my friend had fun playing the co-op and doing some puzzles.
answered 8 years ago by GmodderDude Mercenary (1,731 points)   1 7
+1 vote
I would say the co-op is more fun. Playing with your friend is a better experience than alone.
answered 8 years ago by Alchemistlord Mercenary (1,154 points)   3 15
+1 vote
For me, while I loved BOTH single player and co-op, I loved co-op the most. I could go at my own pace, it wasn't just short sections broken up, it was one continuous path, and there are some great lines from GLaDOS and Wheatley. There are, of course, the hilarious moments in co-op also, but I found GLaDOS funnier in singleplayer.
answered 8 years ago by PixelSith64 Mercenary (1,927 points)   1 5 40
0 votes
Single player for the story then after co op to have fun with friends
answered 8 years ago by NerdyNerdIsNerd Journeyman (725 points)   2

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