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How do you unlock Pro Perks in Call of Duty Black Ops?

+9 votes
how do you get pro perks in COD Blac Ops?
asked 9 years ago in GeneralGeneral by anonymous  

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8 Answers

+2 votes

Check the challeges for the perks in the game or go here

to see the list of challenges and what each of the pro perks do.

answered 9 years ago by mwu8689 Adept (774 points)   3 17
+3 votes
Assign a perk to one of your custom classes, and complete the challenges for that perk, to unlock the Pro version.
answered 9 years ago by alex_158 Rookie (289 points)   7
0 votes
  1. Press 1 on the purchased perk to check the challenges. You must have them all done and pay 3000 cod points to buy the pro version.
answered 9 years ago by l4d2bob Grandmaster (11,115 points)   5 10 48
+3 votes
Create the class with perks you want to make pro. Then look what challenges you need to do to make this perks pro. Complete challenges ONLY with the class you created before
answered 9 years ago by Filoleg Adept (873 points)   18
+1 vote
here's a youtube tutorial if you need help:
answered 9 years ago by drakaenae King (41,339 points)   5 9 79
+1 vote
On the load out/class choosing screen, go to the perk, and hit the indicated button (different buttons for 360 and PS3) to see what challenges you have to complete to unlock it.
answered 9 years ago by elcidcampeon Adept (934 points)   15
+1 vote
To unlock a pro perk you need to complete all the challenges of the perk that you want to get Pro for.
answered 9 years ago by Jaws444 Hero (3,876 points)   1 4 39
+1 vote
Fulfiil the challenge requirements, then purchase the perks on the "Create a Class" menu!
answered 9 years ago by warrenmcquinn Rookie (259 points)   2

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