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sims medieval cheats to get more rp points

+5 votes
need cheat/code for rp points in sims medieval
asked 9 years ago in CheatsCheats by anonymous  

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There is a cheat for that yes, For example Just type in 'setkingdompoints 250'
yes they do hold down the shift control and c then type setkingdompoints 5000000000 just and example
I tried that and it said that "unknown command setkingdompoints"
this doesnt work
i know why thes dumb azzes put crap like that bunch of fagets i hate all of u peps who do that crap
this cheat code does not work you poopie knitters... that's right you knit poopies... llama poopies... hahahahaha!!!
hot wheels... beat that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ths cheet is sooooooo not good it no workie on my cumputter
can someone please give me a cheat that works?? it doesn't work it just tells me the code is bullpoopy!!!
this cheat does not even work in my tsm
Try the game without cheats u cheater..... Yaaaayahhhh.......
fuck you  whit out cheats is too hard :D
setKP, not setkingdompoints
no that doesnt work either!
Do you have to enable your cheats before you can do this cheat code? And if you do, how do you that?
wtf is ur problem. I just got into this by Google, tried that cheat and it worked. I typed "setkingdompoints 250" and I got 250 more RP's. Type it again but be sure u type it correctly.
Ok lisen i cant do it it just goes blank after i mean like when u type Motherlode it does that but notinghappens i am on free time so i dont know how to make it work i use testingcheansenable=1
Worked for me :)
Look guys. For some of the cheats to work you must do this: Go to My Computer > Local Disk (C:) > Program Files > Electronic Arts > Sims Medieval > GameData > Shared > NonPackaged > Ini. After you do that, Right-Click Commands and press "Properties". After that, Un-Check Read Only. Then click Apply > Okay. After that, Right-Click again and select Open With... > Notepad. Scroll down, And change TestingCheatsEnabled=0 to TestingCheatsEnabled=1. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE GAME CLOSED BEFORE YOU DO THIS! After that, You can enter the code, And also, Drag your sim's needs, and relation ships up. Not only that, But you can Shift-Click sims and change their jobs, and set they're level in that job.
I tried that but when I was saving the notepad thing it just said access denied :(
They fixed it a long time ago. Sorry
Otay, Thanks anyway :)

6 Answers

+1 vote
Best answer
answered 9 years ago by anonymous  
+2 votes
they dont have any cheats for that :( but u can only get rp through quests but if anyone does know a cheats id be glad to hear it:) but a cheat for money is motherlode for 50,000 similones
answered 9 years ago by anonymous  
no cheats ive been lookin everywhere i am really stuck cos i am on free time!
I am going to buy The Sims Medieval Strategy Guide, and in the normal Sims 3 one it has cheats so i will say if there is one :)
–2 votes
don't think there a cheats for RP points, fastest way you can get them is doing quests
answered 9 years ago by drakaenae King (41,339 points)   5 9 79
–2 votes
I dont know wear to get cheats, try the game without cheats
answered 9 years ago by calebjason1 Newbie (197 points)  
0 votes

It does work it just need the testingcheatsenabled turned on you have to do this manually outside of the game look it up online after thats turned on the cheat setkingdompoints works!

answered 9 years ago by anonymous  
0 votes
setkp (the number you want) exemple:setkp 4208432.
answered 9 years ago by anonymous  
that doesn't work for me in medieval

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