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terraria no one is moving into my house?

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asked 7 years ago in GeneralGeneral by anonymous  

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1 Answer

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I give all credit to danyukhin, I am not trying to get points. Rather, I wish to help more people enjoy Terraria.

"Each NPC has their own requirements. 

Merchant needs you to have collected 50 Silver Coins 

Nurse needs you to have found a Crystal Heart 

Demolitionist needs you to have found a Bomb or Dynamite 

Arms Dealer needs you to have acquired a Musket (which is dropped from a Shadow Orb) 

Dryad needs you to have killed a boss 

Clothier needs you to have killed the Skeletron 

Also, they all need their own house. 

A proper house is: 

At least 5 blocks high, 7 blocks wide building 

No dirt 

A backwall 

A Table/Work Bench 

A Chair 

A light source 

A door"

answered 7 years ago by VinceThePretzel Journeyman (508 points)  ‚óŹ 3

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