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which gun is best in cod black ops ?

+13 votes
whats the best gun in call of duty black ops?
asked 8 years ago in GeneralGeneral by anonymous  

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14 Answers

+4 votes
It's up to preference but generally the Famas, AK74u, Galil, and Commando are all popular choices.
answered 8 years ago by CBas Paragon (4,898 points)   3 8 41
–1 vote
AK 74U - It's a noob gun which pisses many players off. Low or no recoil and quick kills.

Another one is the Scorpion. Same as above but kills in 2 shots instead of the AK 74U 3 shots.
answered 8 years ago by xboxer King (32,462 points)   6 11 48
+4 votes
i would go with comando in gold and red dot its sweet or m14 with good trigger finger
answered 8 years ago by hellian Journeyman (702 points)   1 11
+4 votes
This is a constantly changing thing with the updates they roll out.  I find a gun works great and then after the update i can't shoot for crap.

I highly recommend the AK47 as in my opinion it takes up the least screen space in aiming down the sights and is also very effective with just the ironsights.
answered 8 years ago by FentonAlpha Adept (798 points)   12
+2 votes
This is all a matter of opinion but for each class there are a few "bests" with assault rifles I would say Galil Famas or AK47. Smg is AK74U. Shotguns its the HS10 or Stakeout. Snipers its the very last one that I can't remember the name of. Secondaries are as well a toss up.
answered 8 years ago by bain9321 Mercenary (1,466 points)   1 2 14
+2 votes

would say AK 74 b/c if in hard core its a one hit kill and the first shot you make it alway gose down the middle


or knife one hit kill but sadly its not a gun to some people

answered 8 years ago by Lunamaria Adept (895 points)   1 17
+2 votes
It depends entirely on your own style of play, there is no point me saying a shotgun if you are a sniper :P

However, the Famas, galil, AK47-u and the standard AK47 are good all round weapons :D
answered 8 years ago by adamski11 Adept (789 points)   6 21
+2 votes
To be honest, this is all a matter of preference. Personally, I think the AUG is one of the best guns, but that could be argued against. Just find a gun you really like and stick to it.
answered 8 years ago by Venom517 Newbie (127 points)   1
+2 votes
There is no "Best Gun". It is up to you. I prefer Ak47, AUG, Barret, and SPAS
answered 8 years ago by Filoleg Adept (873 points)   18
+2 votes
Comes down to personal preference. There isn't a specific gun which pwns all the rest. But the most commonly used gun that i see while playing  is the AK47.
answered 8 years ago by gamerx1990 Mercenary (1,491 points)   2 18
+1 vote
I would say its the AK47-u.  It seems overpowered
answered 8 years ago by drakaenae King (41,339 points)   5 9 79
it's ak74-u not ak47-u
+2 votes
I use The M16...the 3 round burst doesnt shake the shots all over the board and its great for mid to far shooting...your secondary should be for your close combat
answered 8 years ago by Bear Jesus Journeyman (621 points)  
+2 votes
For TDM:

Famas Red Dot Extended Mag

For SnD:

AK47 Silenced Extended Mag
answered 8 years ago by l4d2bob Grandmaster (11,115 points)   5 10 48
+2 votes
Everyone has a different "best" gun but personally I like using the AUG. The rapid fire asset of it is great for long range or short range combat.
answered 8 years ago by DrPixel Hero (3,373 points)   4 5 44

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