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Cons of Action Replays Pokemon Platinum

0 votes

Ya' know how everyone says that Action Replays are great? Well, all you usually hear going around are the Pros! (Good things). You never hear the Cons! (Bad things!) so here are Cons that i found out!:


1) Your DSI game system may freeze the first few times you use the Action Replay (AR).

2) In Pokemon Platinum you have to scroll down the lists in your bag, so hunting through everything is time consuming.

3) You dont really get to play fairly.


ok, i have answers or ways to solve no 3. for number 3, just use the codes when you need them or wish to use them. or just choose the codes you want, instead of just automatically selecting each and everyone of them!

asked 5 years ago in GeneralGeneral by PokeGuide Mercenary (1,010 points)   2 16

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0 Answers

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