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Action Replay, helpfull. Pie, tasty! Lol, anyways, this is about something different! Action Replays! Purchase yours at any game store, i personally ha limited options so i used Gamestop, but it doesnt matter WHERE you get it as long as you get an Action Replay!

So, ok! After you buy the Action Replay (If you dont already own one,) make sure you have the game SoulSilver! If you dont, action replays work with alot of games! But, if its not Soulsilver, just click out now!

Now, load the Action Replay into the Game Card slot, and then your game into the back of the Action Replay itself. Trust me, this is the right way to do this, well, at least for mine it was! but im sure if yours is a bit different you will be able to figure it out!

Say ok when it makes sure what game you have loaded in (Soulsilver).

Click as many Codes as you want, but the ones that dont have controls such as Press L+R, you have to have the Action Replay loaded in and the game card loaded into that as well for it to work but for the codes it gives you its worth it! But the Action Replay doesnt hook in  right to the game card slot (It may be a bit loose and can be pulled out!) so you have to be carefull, not careless!

I picked the 900x all types of Pokeballs! as well ascan catch trainer pokemon (Action Replay must be loaded in game slot with the game as i mentioned earlier!)

These are the Pokemon that i got from other trainers you encounter in the game! They are AWESOME!!! and it helped me to fill up my pokedex as well! :)


Vaporeon (x3), Jolteon(x2), Flareon(x3), Espeon(x3, Umbreon(x2), Wartortle, Ivysaur, Blastoise, Typhlosion, Quilava(x4And many more as well! I was filling up box 5 in the PC by the time i was traveling to the Pokemon League!

Well, i hope this makes the desicion clearer for you if you were wondering if action replays ar worth 30.00 bucks or not! and yupp! They are!

Well, Ciao!


asked 6 years ago in GeneralGeneral by PokeGuide Mercenary (1,010 points)   2 16

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