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how do you get to lvl 85 fast in wow?

+8 votes
In world of warcraft how do you get to level 85 fast?
asked 7 years ago in GeneralGeneral by anonymous  

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3 Answers

+4 votes
Best answer
The fastest way to level a character to 85:

Do quest - this is a must!

When you get a quest for a dun try to do it the exp is pretty good and you get shiny new weapons and armor!

when your tired of playing be sure to leave your character in a inn or town.


You could use the Recruit a friend to get to lvl 60 super fast but of coruse you would need to find someone willing to do that with you.
answered 7 years ago by Nox165 Journeyman (595 points)   15
+1 vote
I've had pretty good success with leveling guides found on the internet. They basically just give you a schedule of quests to follow, because questing is really the fastest way to level. Some are free, some you have to pay for (or maybe not if you're a torrenting a-hole like myself).
answered 7 years ago by Scrantonicity83 Journeyman (749 points)   6
0 votes
You want  to focus on questing as much as possible.  Don't stop to loot everything; just kill kill kill which questing.  Don't worry about professions or dungeons or raiding.
answered 7 years ago by pcberdwin Initiate (452 points)   1

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