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The Sims Medievil: making my sim eat

+4 votes
I can't seem for the life of me to make her eat. She just stomps her feet and does nothing, and then in the top left of the screen (her actions) the "make food" icon disappears. She is always hungry because I can't get her to eat! What the Hell?
asked 8 years ago in GeneralGeneral by Nick Schaub Newbie (119 points)  

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2 Answers

–1 vote
have you spoken to the Cook?
answered 8 years ago by anonymous  
No, but I have made my own food before in my room at the fire. I also have a "make food" button that I click on, and she won't do it
+1 vote
Maybe its a glitch? Or maybe an object is in the way to the fire. Try going in to a different building and have her cook there.
answered 8 years ago by Dinita Mercenary (1,216 points)   1 12

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