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wow account abuse email from blizzard?

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An investigation of your World of Warcraft account has found strong evidence that the account in question is being sold or traded. As you may not be aware of, this conflicts with Blizzard\'s EULA under section 4 Paragraph B which can be found here: WoW -> Legal -> End User License Agreement and Section 8 of the Terms of Use found here:
WoW -> Legal -> Terms of Use

The investigation will be continued by Blizzard administration to determine the action to be taken against your account. If your account is found violating the EULA and Terms of Use, your account can, and will be suspended/closed/or terminated.
In order to keep this from occurring, you should immediately verify that you are the original owner of the account.

Click on the link below to verify your account e-mail address:

Account security is solely the responsibility of the account holder. Please be advised that in the event of a compromised account, Blizzard representatives will typically lock the account. In these cases the Account Administration team will require faxed receipt of ID materials before releasing the account for play.

The Account Team
Online Privacy Policy
asked 8 years ago in GeneralGeneral by anonymous  

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3 Answers

0 votes
i got the exact same e-mail dude, and i don't even have a WoW account >_>
answered 8 years ago by anonymous  
0 votes
chances are this is a fake email sent out by those companies selling gold, they will cleam out your account so they have gold to sell

simplest way to tell is mouse over the link in the email and look at the address that shows up. while it looks like a possible genuine link in the email, the real address that the link will take you to should show up in the bottom bar of the window, look at it very closely it could only be 1 letter different or it could be something totally random.

also if you have bought gold or used power leveling service then it might be real, if you havent, ignore it

i get a few of these a week on email accounts that have never been near WoW
answered 8 years ago by mokh Galactic Emperor (115,612 points)   10 12 51
0 votes

I'm not sure what your question is...or if there is one.

Blizzard will never warn you of an impending investigation into your account.  If you ever attempt to log into your WoW account and find it disabled, then is the time to start looking for an email from them.

You can forward any suspicious or suspected emails to so they can take care of it and/or find the source of the email themselves.

Also, read up on this article:

answered 6 years ago by Ryst Hero (3,427 points)   1 2 16

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